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Government Vacancies Enquiry System
Job Number: 40514
Department: Civil Service Bureau 
Division/Section/Unit: Official Languages Division 
Job Title: Simultaneous Interpreter 
Salary: Master Pay Scale Point 32 (HK$66,945 per month) to Master Pay Scale Point 44 (HK$105,175 per month) 
Entry Requirements: Applicants should:
(a) have a bachelor's degree from a university in Hong Kong, or equivalent [Note (1)];
(b) have attained Level 2 results in the two language papers (Use of Chinese and Use of English) in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) [Note (2) to (6)], or equivalent;
(c) have seven years' post-qualification experience;
(d) be fully proficient in Chinese (Cantonese and preferably Putonghua) and English; and
(e) be able to interpret simultaneously with precision and at a great speed from English into Cantonese and preferably Putonghua, and vice versa.

(Remarks: Applicants will be required to pass the Simultaneous Interpretation Test (SIT) [details given in paragraph below].)

Simultaneous Interpretation Test (SIT):
The SIT consists of two phases and will be conducted in Hong Kong. Eligible applicants will be invited to sit for Phase 1 of SIT, which is tentatively scheduled for late October 2018. Phase 1 of SIT consists of simultaneous interpretation aided with text. Applicants who have passed Phase 1 will be invited to attend a briefing/practice session for Phase 2 of SIT, which is tentatively scheduled for early December 2018. Phase 2 of SIT, which consists of three parts, namely simultaneous interpretation of ad-lib discussions and speeches and speech giving, is tentatively scheduled for mid-December 2018. During Phase 2 of SIT, applicants must pass each part of the test before they could proceed to the next part. Applicants are required to pass the SIT before they will be further considered for selection interviews. Those who have failed in any phase of SIT will be notified in writing around eight weeks after the test. As it takes time to process all applications, an invitation to the SIT does not imply that applicants' qualifications meet the entry requirements. 
Note: (1) Holders of academic qualifications other than those obtained from Hong Kong institutions/Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority may also apply but their qualifications will be subject to assessments on equivalence with the required entry qualifications. Please refer to How to Apply (c) for details on the submission of documentary proof of non-local academic qualifications.

(2) Results in the Use of Chinese (UC) and Use of English (UE) papers of the CRE are classified as Level 2, Level 1 or Fail, with Level 2 being the highest. Level 2 and Level 1 results of the two language papers obtained in or after December 2006 are of permanent validity. Applicants with valid requisite results in the UC and UE papers obtained in previous CREs are deemed to have met the Entry Requirement (b).

(3) Persons who do not possess the requisite CRE results, or equivalent, but will apply to sit for the coming CRE and Basic Law Test (Degree/Professional Grades) to be held on 6 and 13 October 2018 in Hong Kong or 8 December 2018 in seven other cities, namely Beijing, London, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Sydney, may also apply. Their applications will be processed subject to their obtaining the requisite CRE results in the aforesaid examination.

(4) Level 5 or above in Chinese Language in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSEE) is accepted as equivalent to Level 2 in the UC paper of the CRE. Level 5 or above in English Language of the HKDSEE is accepted as equivalent to Level 2 in the UE paper of the CRE.

(5) Grade C or above in Chinese Language and Culture or Chinese Language and Literature of the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) is accepted as equivalent to Level 2 in the UC paper of the CRE. Grade C or above in Use of English of the HKALE or English Language of the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) is accepted as equivalent to Level 2 in the UE paper of the CRE.

(6) An overall band of 6.5 or above with no subtest score below band 6 obtained in the same sitting in the Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) within the two-year validity period of the test is accepted as equivalent to Level 2 in the UE paper of the CRE. The IELTS test result must be valid on any date during the application period (i.e. from 3 to 16 August 2018). 
Duties: Simultaneous Interpreters are required to provide simultaneous interpretation service at meetings of the Legislative Council, District Councils and other Government boards and committees and at press conferences, conferences, functions and visits; to assist in administering and co-ordinating activities related to the provision of simultaneous interpretation service; to compile glossaries for reference; and to assist in the recruitment exercises and training of simultaneous interpreters. Officers already proficient in Putonghua will be required to provide Putonghua interpretation. Officers not yet proficient in Putonghua will be required to provide Putonghua simultaneous interpretation service after training. (Note: Simultaneous Interpreters are required to work irregular hours and/or outside Hong Kong, wear headphones and operate console while working.) 
Terms of Appointment: A new appointee will normally be appointed on civil service probationary terms for three years. Upon passage of probation bar, the officer may be considered for appointment on the prevailing permanent terms. 
General Notes: (a) Candidates must be permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region at the time of appointment.
(b) As an Equal Opportunities Employer, the Government is committed to eliminating discrimination in employment. The vacancy advertised is open to all applicants meeting the basic entry requirement irrespective of their disability, sex, marital status, pregnancy, age, family status, sexual orientation and race.
(c) Civil service vacancies are posts on the civil service establishment. Candidates selected for these vacancies will be appointed on civil service terms of appointment and conditions of service and will become civil servants on appointment.
(d) The entry pay, terms of appointment and conditions of service to be offered are subject to the provisions prevailing at the time the offer of appointment is made.
(e) The information on the monthly salary and maximum pay point is for reference only and may be subject to changes.
(f) Fringe benefits include paid leave, medical and dental benefits, and where appropriate, assistance in housing.
(g) Where a large number of candidates meet the specified entry requirements, shortlisting criteria may be devised to select the better qualified candidates for further processing. In these circumstances, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the SIT and interview.
(h) It is Government policy to place people with a disability in appropriate jobs wherever possible. If a disabled applicant meets the entry requirements (including a pass in the SIT), he/she will be invited to attend the selection interview without being subject to further shortlisting.
(i) For the purpose of heightening public awareness of the Basic Law (BL) and promoting a culture of learning of the BL in the community, applicants for civil service jobs will be assessed on their BL knowledge. The BL test result will constitute an appropriate weighting in a candidate's overall assessment. 
How to apply: (a) Applications must be made on the form G.F. 340 (Rev. 3/2013) which is obtainable from any Home Affairs Enquiry Centre of District Offices, Home Affairs Department or any Job Centre of the Employment Services Division, Labour Department. The said form can also be downloaded from the Civil Service Bureau's website (http://www.csb.gov.hk).

(b) Completed forms must be submitted on or before the closing date for application by one of the means below:

(i) through the on-line facilities on the Civil Service Bureau's website (http://www.csb.gov.hk). To ensure timely submission, candidates are strongly advised to complete their on-line applications as early as possible in order to avoid any last-minute rush of applications which may overload the system; or

(ii) by post to the address indicated in Enquiry Address (the postmark date on the envelope will be regarded as the date of submission of application). Please specify on the envelope 'Application for the post of Simultaneous Interpreter'. To avoid unsuccessful delivery of mail items, please ensure that sufficient postage has been paid before posting. Applicants will bear any consequences arising from not paying sufficient postage. Late or incomplete applications or applications submitted by fax or by e-mail will NOT be accepted.

(c) To facilitate assessment of qualifications, holders of non-local academic qualifications should submit copies of their degree certificates and official transcripts of studies on or before the closing date for application. Those who apply on-line should submit copies of such documents by post, by fax or by e-mail [details given in Enquiry Address]. They should quote the on-line application number on every page of the copies of the documents. Do not send any originals of certificates/transcripts. Copies of local qualification documents are not required at this stage of application.

(d) Applicants who are selected for the SIT will normally receive an invitation in six to eight weeks from the closing date for application. As the invitation will be sent by e-mail, please ensure that a correct e-mail address is provided and that the e-mail account can receive incoming e-mail properly. Applicants who are not invited for the SIT may assume that their applications are unsuccessful. 
Enquiry Address: Staff Management Registry, Official Languages Division, Civil Service Bureau, Room 2331, 23/F, High Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong (Tel. no. : 2867 4793/2867 4833 ; Fax No.: 2524 2965 ; E-mail address: csbolpr@csb.gov.hk) 
Enquiry Telephone: 2867 4793/2867 4833 
Closing Date(dd/mm/yyyy): 16/08/2018 23:59:00 
Newspaper(s) Advertised and Date(s): Ming Pao (3 August 2018) and South China Morning Post (4 and 11 August 2018) 
Web Site of Department: http://www.csb.gov.hk 
Application via Internet: Online GF340 
Advertising Date 03/08/2018